Fukushima Prefecture is promoting "Fukushima Pride," a project to support the marketing of agricultural products in Fukushima Prefecture. Foods are grown with a lot of care and love. Each and every one of them is filled with Fukushima's pride.
The August issue of Fukushima Prefecture's PR magazine "Tsunagaru Fukushima Yume Dayori" is now available. Here to see the August issue.
The "Fukushima Now Newspaper" will provide information on "Fukushima Now" to evacuees in and outside of Fukushima Prefecture.
Special Video Site to know the Fukushima Now. This introduces information that you can use to fully enjoy Fukushima, such as tourism, gourmet food, and events.
New Project "Ask the Professionals! The Appeal of Fukushima" Begins! On the Fukushima Prefecture official Facebook page.
Now available, monitoring results of agricultural, forestry and fishery products from Fukushima Prefecture.
Launched “Navigating Fukushima,” where you can learn more about Fukushima today and tomorrow with information curated for you.
Three sponsored articles, including “At the frontiers of reconstruction,” now available on the Financial Times website.
"Status of Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake" has been released.
Fukushima Updates is now open!
The “Fukushima Updates” portal site, where you can learn about the latest news in Fukushima and the basics about radiation, has been opened to answer questions by people overseas about safety in Japan and Fukushima.
Through FAQs, cartoons and other contents, it aims to deliver correct information to large numbers of people.