Fukushima's Appeal

Fukushima Prefecture has beautiful seasonal landscapes,
historical townscapes, and a profound culture that includes traditional festivals and hot springs.
Its Japanese sake is highly regarded inside and outside of Japan,
and it has a variety of attractions including farming, forestry and fisheries products such as fish and shellfish, fruits,
vegetables and meat that have been nurtured amidst abundant nature.

Return to the “Deep North“

Global tourists’ MUST-KNOW appeals of Fukushima: peaches that blow your mind with sweetness, Japanese sake with the record number of gold awards, and above all, welcoming warmhearted locals.

Attractions of Fukushima: nature, culture, cuisine, and hope

Get to know the incredible places and friendly people of Fukushima. Learn about its ever-changing nature, traditional culture, and cuisine made from a rich selection of ingredients you can trust.

In Japan's Fukushima prefecture, produce and tourism are back on their feet more than a decade after triple disaster

How are people in Fukushima moving towards the future, overcoming numerous challenges after the devastating damage from the Great East Japan Earthquake?

The Allure of Boundless Food Tourism

Easily accessible from Tokyo, Fukushima is a treasure trove of food, excitement, and relaxation. Discover a side of Fukushima that will make you want to know more.