QAren't people still prohibited from entering towns close to the nuclear power station?
ASome areas still have restricted entry, however, these have decreased a lot compared to immediately after the earthquake.

Since air dose rates are still high in the vicinity of the nuclear power station, there are "difficult-to-return zones" where entry is basically prohibited and residence is restricted. However, such zones account for only 2.4% of the area of Fukushima Prefecture.

Moreover, concerning areas inside the difficult-to-return zones, following revisions to legislation (the Act on Special Measures for the Rebirth of Fukushima) in May 2017, a system of "Specific Reconstruction and Revitalization Bases" has been established, resulting in the lifting of evacuation orders and enabling people to reside.

Concerning the "Specific Reconstruction and Revitalization Bases", plan have been approved in all the intended municipalities (Futaba Town, Okuma Town, Namie Town, Tomioka Town, Iitate Village, Katsurao Village), and intensive decontamination and infrastructure development efforts are now underway.