QCan people live in Fukushima?
ANormal life is possible over 97.6% of Fukushima Prefecture, and 1.82 million people currently live there.

Approximately 1.82 million people live in Fukushima Prefecture at present (as of January, 2021).

Following the accident at the nuclear power station, numerous towns and villages around the plant were placed under evacuation orders, however, such orders have since been gradually lifted until now only around 2.4% of the area of Fukushima Prefecture is designated as "difficult-to-return zones" where entry is basically prohibited.

Moreover, decontamination aimed at removing radioactive materials has been simultaneously conducted, and this work has been completed in all areas except for the "difficult-to-return zones".

In the municipalities where the evacuation orders have been lifted, infrastructure development is being conducted and residents are returning to their homes.
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