This is a portal site where you can learn about the latest news in Fukushima and the basics about radiation.
Through FAQs, cartoons and other contents, it aims to deliver correct information about Fukushima Prefecture,
which has been greatly affected by the accident at TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, to large numbers of people.

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Fukushima Today and Tomorrow:
Information Curated for You.

Reconstruction Situation

Thanks to lots of assistance provided by people in Japan and around the world, the reconstruction effort is making steady progress in terms of restoration of infrastructure, construction of the living environment, return of residents, rebuilding of the lives of people affected by the disaster and so on.

Fukushima's Appeal

Fukushima Prefecture has beautiful seasonal landscapes, historical townscapes, and a profound culture that includes traditional festivals and hot springs. Its Japanese sake is highly regarded inside and outside of Japan, and it has a variety of attractions including farming, forestry and fisheries products such as fish and shellfish, fruits, vegetables and meat that have been nurtured amidst abundant nature.


Common questions have been compiled in a Q&A format
with a view to giving reassurance concerning current conditions in Fukushima, food safety in Japan,
TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and so on.

※ Questions may contain terms that persons associated with Fukushima Prefecture may find disagreeable.
By composing questions out of the frank queries regarding Fukushima that many non-Japanese persons
were found to hold in a preliminary questionnaire conducted by the Reconstruction Agency,
it is intended to help foreign persons search contents. Your understanding is appreciated.